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Anthony Phills is a full stack designer, a magazine publisher, speaker, author, and the inventor of Multi-Platform Interactive (MPI) publishing or “Binge Publishing.” As the owner of his own design business, Phills has worked with movie studios, major corporations, and designed for celebrities like Barry Bonds, Johnny Gill, and Jay-Z and brings his knowledge of design and entertainment to the Knight Trilogy. With The Edge of Knight, Phills introduces new way of storytelling to audiences that combines traditional publishing with that of electronic multi-media. The result is a trilogy that submerges the reader in Knight’s world and invites them to go along and -in some cases- participate in his adventures.

His wealth of design has also been applied to Hilton HHonors Digital Key and most recently in the field of Autism and Aviatin. Anthony keeps pushing the edge of design and this August 2018 he will publish Sports Branding covering the days he design for the Major Leagues Baseball's All Time Home Run King Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants.



Branding Design
On The Edge Of KNIGHT


All Season One
Binge Publishing Brand

Binge Publishing

Start Up Company


App Design
KNIGHT Trilogy Sound Design




By DJ Black Orchid

Winner Is

LUX Magazine
Digikey iH


Digikey iH
Century City Toast Master's Contest 2017

Toastmasters Contest

Producer & Director
Hilton Worldwide Digital Key

User Interface


Packaging Design

3D Printing
2013 National Geographic


National Geographic Winner

Hiraeth World

Publishing & Design
Stan Lee

Animation Festival

Public Speaking
Sports Branding

Barry Bonds

Book Publishing
Food Design

Food Design

My Inner Chef

Network Branding

World Broadcasting Network

Candy Design

Product Development


Author/Guest Speaker

Some people are writers and some people are designers then there is Anthony Phills a leading design expert and author extraordinaire. Envisioning a story where the hero is a Secret Agent in a less then perfect world he introduced Tony Knight in three short stories and published and designed the trilogy all at the same time. Asking him to be a speaker is to decide on a topic to discuss as the subject list is endless.

Chief Creative Officer

江苏一网吧为吸引学生上网 安装翻墙软件被查处__中国青年网:2021-12-9 · 嫌生意清淡,淮安盱眙的一家网吧老板打起了周边学校学生的注意,为了招揽学生上网消费,他在电脑上安装了一款翻墙软件:可伍让学生不刷身伇 ...

UI/UX Design

Over the years I've been able to work on UI/UX designs for major software companies in the USA and recently Hilton Worldwide HHonors. Working as CCO at Bling software, I worked on AT&T's MediaNet service and brought the UI/UX skills forward. Today those skills matched with my vision, I've been able to create unique experiences in the field of Autism.



Human-centered design has been my focus for over 30 years. Designing solutions from software to consumer products is challenging and very rewarding. The sum total of all the parts of a project should have a greater impact and then the whole. It takes a little more time to reap greater rewards. The evolution of technology used properly provides extraordinary results.


As a student at the Design Management Institute, I learned very early in my career the value of a brand in the market place. Today, my focus is on the Caribbean, which started with the creation of the Caribbean Commerce Magazine where with tap on the keyboard the reader can read the copy in different languages. The introduction of the vibrant colors reinforced the imagery of the Caribbean to the world.

Social Media

HootSuite Certification. The power of the web has a special place in my heart. The many interface tools allow a designer to deliver unique and innovative solutions to clients. I have used variable designs for actor Ray Wise on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, R&B Singer Johnny Gill and others. Social Media is global and the uses and applications are endless. Presently, using these skills as VP of PR and Marketing for Century City Toastmasters.


A camera in the hands of designer provides a photographer a Third Eye, the eye of creative imagination. In an instant a moment is captured and memorialized. National Geographic online republished a photo I captured during the King & Queen event at the Toronto Carnival. Photos provides the tools to manipulate intention vs. reality. Documentary photography is a passion that preserves the present for the future.


Over the years, I've filmed content for ESPN's show “Bonds on Bonds” as well as events for corporate clients. I have been involved in capturing content in the music world for artists like Johnny Gill (R&B Artist), Dontae Winslow (Jazz) and Ray Wise (Hollywood Actor on Young & The Restless). The creativity is in the hands of the designer’s editing skill.


手机浏览器下载完美解决方案 迅雷云加速UC应用端:2021-8-19 · 迅雷云加速是迅雷网络的一项增值服务,该服务通过迅雷网络旗下产品向互联网用户提供大容量数据加速传输到本地,提高用户的宽带利用率。 而随着近年来迅雷在移动端布局的加速,云加速在其手机端旗舰产品手机迅雷中也得到了很好的应用。


Previously I avoided the move into gaming. Establishing an expert team in mobile gaming that literally brings everything to life has been accomplished. This year AR (Augmented Reality) will infusing life into Knight. AR takes publishing from the printed page to stories that come to life.

Software Programming

The team at Maxwell Design LL develops solutions from mobile applications on both the iPhone and Android platforms into responsive full-blown Cloud solutions. All software solutions come with UI/UX Design and copywriting if needed.

Binge Publishing

Multi-Platform Interactive (MPI) is the future of publishing. Combining the power of several communication forms…Blogs, Podcasts, Apps, Responsive Web, Music, Broadcast, Movie and Shopping changes traditional book publishing into an interactive event between the author and the reader. MPI adds dimension to a story with Sight, Sound and Touch of that imaginary world through watch, phone, tablet, laptop, and PC. MPI immerses the reader into the story.


The Visual Storyteller is a publication focused on design ideas from around the world powered by Binge.

Time To Start Our Partnership

The shortest distance between good and great is being able to communicate your goals. My job is to present you with solutions. A client’s input is in direct correlation to a designer’s product. It begins with “TAP” (Target Audience Perception). What do you want your Target Audience” to know…remember…act upon? I’m here to help you reach your objectives no matter where you are located. Complete the contact information below and let’s get started on a partnership today!



Presently Mr. Phills is developing solutions for Autism/Kids With Special Needs and Aviation.

Anthony W. Phills
Los Angeles, Toronto, Trinidad & Tobago


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